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  • I was recently watching the Plaza Sesamo series and noticed that there wasn't any mention about their version aside from "there being a spanish dubbed version of the letter song series", addionally; the letters are different: such as those below that I've known of:

    Letter B - "Baile" (Ballet?)

    Letter D - "Dedo" (Finger)

    Letter E - "Elefante" (Elephant) (YouTube)

    Letter G - "Gato" (Cat)

    Letter I - "Isla" (Island) (YouTube)

    Letter J - "Jirafa" (Giraffe)

    Letter L - "Libro" (Book) (YouTube) 

    Letter M - "Mono" (Monkey) 

    Letter N - "Niranja" (Orange)

    Letter Ñ - "Ñame" (Yam) 

    Letter O - "Oruga" (Worm/Caterpillar) (YouTube)

    Letter P - "Pelota" (Ball)

    Letter S - "Sol" (Sun)

    Letter Z - "Zapato" (Shoe)

    Also, can a page for the letter song series in spanish be made or atleast incorporated into the Letter Song series if its alright? thanks.

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    • Oh cool! Of course they would make them different words :)

      I think it would be reasonable to create a page for the spanish versions, under a spanish title, and then go ahead and add it to the Plaza Sesamo song and sketches categories.

      You can link the page to the English one and link the English one back to it.

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    • After making the original post, several more were shown on UniMAS.

      Letter A - Avion (Airplane)

      Letter C - Camella (Camel)

      Letter F - Fraise (Strawberry)

      Letter H - Huevo (Egg)

      Letter K - Koala (Koala)

      Letter R - Reina (Queen)

      and Letter V - Vaca (Cow?)

      While those were shown on TV, Plaza Sesamo's YT Channel never seemed to upload the rest of their Spanish Letter Series, as the ones on youtube are easy to simply take a snapshot of.

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    • Hello again. I was going to suggest you just add those, but it looks like you never created a page for the Spanish version? I think that would probably work best, but if not then you can just add a section for "Spanish-language variants" onto the existing English page and add the Plaza Sesamo categories at the bottom. It's ok to add ones you know without a screenshot.

      And yes, vaca = cow.

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