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  • Hi! I've been inactive for a while, due to computer problems, a really hot summer and fall, and not being able to think of anything to add. But I've been checking in lately, thanks to the new Muppet TV show, the wiki's birthday coming up, and other things (like a record of the Andrea Bocelli Christmas album!). So I just wanted to say thanks for all of the record pictures that you've added.

    I also wanted to mention that the picture of Lots of Stuff and Clink Clank doesn't go with the 45 that you put it on top of (CT 255501). The Ernie & Bert from Sesame Street set has all of the same songs as the Havin' Fun Carry About, but it came in a bag with a handle, with a picture on a piece of paper that serves as the set's album cover, and all of the singles inside just have white sleeves. I didn't erase it or move it, because I was wondering if it was better than the picture on CC 76048. Which one do you feel is better? Let me know, and I'll fix both places. Thanks!

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    • Hey Ken! Good to hear from you. I'm sorry you've had computer problems! I am not here nearly as often as I'd like but every now and then I get a chance to play a bit. And usually the first thing I do is try to find the "True Blue Miracle" single. I keep hoping it will show up one of these days!

      I'm sorry I mixed up 255501 and 75048. I get confused when I edit that table. I think the old image, while smaller, is actually higher quality. The new one is a bit out of focuse. We don't really have anywhere that we use a larger size anyhow, do we?

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    • No, that would be where it goes. Those 45's with the CT numbers will have the label pictures, but the album picture will go on the page for 45 sets, like the Carry Abouts. I'm hoping we'll find the 1st edition covers of those, with the Columbia logos. The funny thing is that you can find the Columbia 45's from SS1, and The Muppet Alphabet Album, all over eBay, but you see more of the CRA versions of the same covers for Havin' Fun. I'm thinking those didn't last as long on Columbia, because they were made 3 years later, so more of the CRA versions were made.

      I've almost given up on True Blue Miracle and the Disco Frog 45. Since they were among the last 2 made, I'm wondering if they changed their minds and cancelled them, even though they were listed on the backs of the LP's all the way to 1983. Even then, they might have just forgotten to take them off. But then again, I've learned to never say never!

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