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  • It isn't imperative that this be answered right now, but I kind of felt I should mention it anyway. Billy the Bear was noted as being performed by Jerry Nelson on the Episode 502 page, and was recently changed to Richard Hunt. It doesn't sound like either of them to me, so I removed the note for now. Here's a video link to the sketch (line comes in around the 1 minute mark). I'm hearing Dave Goelz in that voice.

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    • I still think Richard Hunt was the one performing, I'm sure did voices like that, besides Goelz was busy performing Gonzo. But by the way, does anyone think the smaller bear character that Jim Henson performed looks like the Chuck Stoat puppet from the Emmett Otter special?

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    • It doesn't sound like Hunt to me either (and it's clearly not Jerry Nelson). I'd agree it might be Goelz, but exactly one sentence ("We've got eggs to lay") isn't much to judge from.

      I don't think the bear is the Chuck puppet reused. Maybe with a side by side photo comparison, but if it was, they heavily reworked it (including new eyes) so much that it doesn't look at all similar to me (even in size).

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    • I suppose neither of you could even hear Hunt anywhere in the number at all in fact?

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    • It's Brian Muehl, isn't it? That's the same voice as in the Ali Baba sketch.

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    • I haven't compared the two side by side yet (need to access the Marty Feldman episode), but Brian Muehl sounds more likely to me, from his general voice quality and tendency towards oafish or gruff-voiced characters. He doesn't seem to be credited for that episode, but we know that doesn't always mean much.

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    • I'm leaning toward Richard, but I can't really tell.

      As Andrew said, Muehl isn't credited in the episode, so it probably isn't him.

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    • Even though he's not credited, I still think it is Brian Muehl.  Remember, Louise Gold wasn't credited for the international versions of the second season even though she puppetered in quite a few episodes.  If we had access to the UK version that *might* give us the answer.

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    • Another thing. To be honest, until I read the article I kept thinking Chuck was a bear. That made more sense to me because his face seemed to furry and scruffy to fit in the weasel or mink family, and the low gruff voice made me think it even more and he was clearly bigger than the Weasel guitarist, while in real life stoats are almost smaller than weasels can get. But the smaller bear character, in the number next to Billy when compared looked less like a bear than Billy did. So it just gets confusing.

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