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  • Since Matt Vogel has been the only performer of Sweetums since 2009, I think we should take John Henson out of Sweetums' performer box and replace him with Matt. What do you guys think?

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    • I agree that it's time we add Matt to the performer box. I'm not sure if we should take Henson out though since he played Sweetums pretty consistently for over a decade.

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    • Yeah, Matt can be added in, but we shouldn't take John out.

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    • I just didn't know if we wanted to have 3 people in the box.

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    • John Henson has played Sweetums much longer and that's what the boxes are to note, principal performers who played the role over a substantial period of time. So while I wouldn't object to adding Matt Vogel, he's played the part in one major movie (the main reason to include him), one commercial, one live appearance that we know of, and now the Muppisodes, within a small timespan (one commercial in 2009, then much more heavily between 2011-2013, including possibly an appearance we haven't listed yet) compared to Henson's four movies, Muppets Tonight, various live appearances and guest spots, and so on (plus he started as a fill-in for Hunt, i.e. on Muppet*Vision 3D). If it weren't for the movie, we wouldn't be discussing adding Vogel at all.

      So no, per our performer policy, we'd either make it a three person box (Mr. Snuffleupagus has it), or in fact take out John Henson, leave Richard Hunt only (as the original and longest performer) and just cover all others in casting history the way we are. So in other words, I'll only support adding Matt Vogel if there's no removal. That's going backwards in a non-productive way. Otherwise we'd be just as well off sticking to just the original performer and let the casting history section show all who followed (since that too is a regression, I'm really in favor of a three person box).

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    • I just edited the page. Tell me what you guys think.

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    • I just fixed the coding. It's okay by me!

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    • A FANDOM user
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