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  • I noticed the filmography section for the Swedish Chef page has gotten rather lengthy. Anyone think we should grant this a separate page?

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    • That makes sense to me. Under The Muppet Show, I don't think it's necessary to include every episode with a Chef sketch when it's already been covered in the table on his page. Maybe we reserve that space for only appearances outside of his sketch.

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    • Speaking of which, lately I've wondered if we should create a separate page for Swedish Chef sketches. In the past a number of lesser characters had separate pages listing their sketches, with the sketch listings moved to the character pages and the separate sketch pages deleted, with some saying that lesser characters shouldn't have separate pages listing all their segments if The Swedish Chef didn't have a separate page for his segments. But now I wonder if there should be a separate page for The Swedish Chef sketches. But either way I am not saying that we should create separate pages listing individual sketches with lesser characters.

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    • Yeah, I'd support that, too.

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    • Just finished reformatting the Swedish Chef page and creating the filmography page. I didn't, however, remove any of the sketches since I feel that's the meat of the page, and I don't find it necessary to create a seperate page for those, at least not without a larger consensus first.

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