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  • I checked out the DVDs from the library and I'm trying to do some clean-up. The main article needs some help (missing info and one undersized image looks pretty awkward) but I'm having the most trouble with the episodes.

    This is a combination of Wikia or Darwin issues (like the width changes and so on), some awkwardly placed videos, and the fact that most of the animated episodes were divided into two parts. I'm adding writer credits (which we have via the title cards) to the episode template. It's a little awkward, but since we have episodes from people like Bill Prady, Big Bang Theory co-creator Chuck Lorre (I'm planning a page for him), and noted comic book writer Marv Wolfman, it's good to have them included (and good for SOE too). That itself isn't too much of a problem, though perhaps it could be tweaked.

    The problem is with video uploads and the galleries. Before videos were added, the title galleries were mostly fine. But a bunch have been added (whatever is on the Henson YouTube channel, it seems). Subheadings are used on most of the pages for the episode stories, and the video clips create a spacing issue if placed between the short text, cause the galleries to look horribly uneven rather than two title cards side by side (if not at the smallest default size), and generally make a mess. I tried to fix one (Episode 109: Laundry Never Lies / What Boober's Nose Knows), since it had two videos and looked the worst. Here's the others, which aren't quite as bad but they still don't look pretty: Episode 103: The Great Radish Round Up / Lucky Fargy, Episode 106: Gobo's Song / Wembley and the Bemble and Episode 112: The Radish Fairy / The Funniest Joke in the Universe (I tried moving up the video but it just created a spacing issue). It fixes itself *if* table of contents is shown rather than hidden, but the default is to hide.

    I'll see if I can add text, but short of that, there are a few options. Some may need to be done in conjunction with each other (I had a hard time fixing episode 109). One is to take out the episode headings and just use regular text (only works if there's enough text to support the video, but the headings are part of what throws it off, somehow). Another is to shrink the galleries, as I did on that page. A third is to either remove the video clips (and replace them with YouTube links) or move the videos to the bottom (either as is or in their own gallery).

    I have to admit I wouldn't mind just taking out the videos and linking to them instead. None of the clips are full versions of the episode stories (just one to three minute excerpts or so), and the full series is on DVD (select full episodes free on Hulu, the whole series can be seen by buying Hulu Plus or from Amazon Instant and so on). Still, I don't mind keeping them (since the pages are fairly short on informational content right now) *if* we can fix it so the pages don't look bad.

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    • Could we do video galleries at the bottom?

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    • Yeah, as long as they're below the title card galleries, that *should* fix everything without needing other adjustments. I'm not sure how it would look *then*, but it would probably be a better way to get people to notice them anyway (and we've gradually converted most of the pages with video content to that format, after all).

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