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  • Hi! You've uploaded some interesting images today. Like, over 50 of them. What do you plan to do with them?

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    • Cahuenga
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      09:24, June 23, 2013
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    • If you like to link the pics you can do it..

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    • I linked some of them but there were retired from the link from other users, its not the first time it happens, so I doubt I would upload any other pics, even in previous ulpoads from me, other users downloaded the same pics and uploaded them altered, so it looks they are who bring them to tthe muppetwiki...

      When uploading images, it's good to observe a few guidelines. Mainly, what does it add to the article? Also, is this a duplication of what's already here? In addition, you want to make sure you're naming them appropriately. A string of random numbers doesn't help wiki contributors identify what a picture is from if they don't immediately know from the content.

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    • I tried  to link the images but other contributors just retired them. I dont understand why newer characters  like Leela have 13 images on her page and Bob  (44 years on the street) just one. I´ve apported information in the past and people just removed it, even when I proved it was real, like the Frank Oz visit to Letters to Santa set. I dont know why some people is acting this way... itis a disrespect ...

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    • See my comment above. Do the images you're adding follow the specified criteria?

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    • A FANDOM user
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