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  • I think there's a chance that this title will actually turn out to be The Muppets: Most Wanted. Has anyone seen an official announcement from Disney Pictures yet?

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    • Everyone is reblogging from this tweet.

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    • Really? That's kind of weird, isn't it? That's not even a Disney account. It would be funny if it turned out just not to be true at all.

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    • The announcement was made amongst other Disney-related movies, as seen here.

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    • Ah, okay. Is a more direct source than Stitch Kingdom? It's annoying that nobody has actually posted the press release.

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    • Here's the best direct Disney source:

      Or rather, the best without accessing their US publicity arm, but hey, go German branch of Disney! (They really make it hard to access their promotional stuff now; you have to join, and to do that, while the form has a "freelance journalist" slot, it still demands a "switchboard" telephone number, surely archaic today, going to a company phone bank and not a home number. You might be able to arrange it, Danny, if Wikia has any number like that, but I couldn't)

      Note they changed the page but not the URL, so it still lists the old title as the address but the page shows the change (as just "Muppets Most Wanted," so that's probably what it will be, although I'd be surer of the lack of punctuation if this wasn't the German site).

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    • A FANDOM user
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