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  • I've been looking at Category:Unknown Performer, one of those categories most of us don't use and which has frankly got a bit out of hand. It was started for practical purposes, to tag pages like Astoria, Mean Mama's Baby or the African Masks, where there had been dispute as to the performer. More recently, it's been added for a lot of the international Sesame characters where we don't have access to the show's credit list, which is also legit.

    However, other cases seem extreme. Take Bagpipes. It's a non-speaking role and seems rather pointless to have it in there. I took out the The Benedictine Monkees since at least one performer is known (Jerry Nelson can clearly be recognized doing vocals) but since it's a musical group for a one-shot bit and nobody has solos (it's just that Nelson vocals have a tendency to stand out), I don't think we really need it, so I took it out. And then we have cases like Charles the Robot, where the info and image about the character existing at all came from a reliable behind the scenes source, but since no actual footage or known specific episode has surfaced for the character, I don't know if the category really does much. Originally in fact the rule was that the category was to accompany the tag [[:Template:performer-unknown]], both to signal visitors that this was in question and avoid changes (like recently happened on Mean Mama's Baby) and also to serve as a sort of placeholder, so if someone from say China with knowledge of the Chinese Sesame puppeteers comes along, they could replace it with the actual person's name. Someone had even stuck it on Snowbear, a prop, because apparently in one episode, the toy moves (and whoever moved it would almost certainly be an assistant puppeteer or even a wrangler/prop person, not something we really need to track).

    So I'd like to do some cleanup on those lines. For pages like the international characters, or even more minor characters where we have had discussion/debate as to the performer (David Lazer Muppet, Ernie Statue) and it's of enough interest that if we ever find an exact answer we'd want to update, the template should be added. For silent background one-shots like The Cereal Girl's Dad, the sort of pages which have a tendency to be merged eventually anyway, we don't need either category or tag (and the same would go for any similar pages, and I'm sure we have them, which haven't been so tagged). I'm not sure about something like Musicians at Prince Charming's Ball, but since there was minor debate on the talk page (as to whether these were extras or Muppet performers doubling), I suppose one could justify it.

    Pages like Arabs though or Bull don't need it at all. Admittedly this is a mostly overlooked category anyway, but it would be nice to make it actually useful and less of a dumping ground.

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    • Yeah, I agree; that's a good idea. If we haven't found out who performed those characters by now, then either we'll never know or it's not very important, or (most likely) both. :)

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