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  • Both the official Disney press release and the EW exclusive first look refer to the title of the new Muppet movie as being "The Muppets... Again!" (with an exclamation point in the title). Should we rename the page to reflect this?

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    • I'd say wait just a tad, since it's so easy to mess up redirects if we have to rename again, but that press release is good evidence (EW, sometimes it could just be them being excited). It's possible they could change it again, but if it's still showing up in say a week (or we get an official logo with the exclamation mark), I'd be fine with a move (sadly I no longer have access to Disney movie press materials, but I'll check with some folks who might to keep an eye on this).

      For now, I'd say find a way to note it in the article with those sources, as a confirmed variant, until we're sure which will actually be onscreen.

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    • I agree, we should wait. The title of the movie is whatever's on the title card. They may market it as ! but drop the ! on the film.

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    • Hmm hard choice

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    • A FANDOM user
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