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  • I posted a message on Jon's wall the other day questioning our lack of the blogs feature. He hasn't responded yet, but I thought earlier today that perhaps it would be more suitable to discuss here so we can all talk about it and consider introducing the feature to the wiki.

    Blog anyone?

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    • I'd say yes, but enforce a policy similar to the Harry Potter Wiki - blogs should be on topic and deleted if they're not. We don't need to hear what anyone had for lunch (unless it's somehow related to the Muppets), or even top ten lists of Muppets that people hate.

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    • So you're saying: Just Muppet stuff, no "my roommate is really stupid", unless it's "my roommate reminds me of Kermit (or other character)". I like that idea.

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    • ) Exactly! I'm not sure we even need to hear that somebody's roommate reminds them of Kermit, unless they can tie that into a blog post of greater significance regarding a particular subject that is actually worth reading. Or to put it another way, if someone posted a blog at the Harry Potter Wiki that was about nothing more than how their roommate reminds them of Harry Potter, we wouldn't allow that.
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    • I admit I'm not entirely familiar with blogs on Wikis, but I don't see the need for it here. I feel the forum feature is a better, more relevant way of expressing opinions, because, even in this case, you get input from other users.

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    • Yeah, I've been working on the Forum feature at Wikia, and we're hoping that the new Forum can become a replacement for the Blog feature. So if there's stuff that you want to write about, then I'd say start some Forum threads. Would that work?

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    • That makes sense. There might be some people who would prefer blogs to forums, but I don't think I'd be one of them. Maybe we could have both the blog and the forum so that people have an option, if there are any people who like blogs better than forums, but I think that the forum is fine for me. It all depends. So, after I've thought about it, I say: Forum's great. Go for it. Some people may have other opinions.

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    • Well, I always thought of a blog and a forum as being sort of separate things. A blog is a bit more personal and maybe could cover some territory that might not be the best for a general forum discussion, but still within the rules of being generally Muppet-related. For example, if somebody were working on a Muppet fan project of note or something and wanted to share a log of the latest updates. And some wikis use them to report the latest news regarding features and important articles on the wiki.

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    • That also makes sense. I'm thinking now that perhaps we should have both the blog and the forum, so people can pick between one or the other, depending on which they like better. Anybody got something to say about that?

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    • I think we can stick with the Forum... It's new, and we want to try it out.

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