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  • Hi, Danny! I know you've been swamped with Wikia stuff but I've been meaning to ask this for ages. Years ago, I know you didn't like the idea of pages for voice actors in Sesame inserts if they were in only one insert (you even had to reflect a bit on Olan Soule, who was in several as Batman) unless they were a celeb or playing an established role, as opposed to those heard as recurring characters (Joan Gerber) or in many (Daws Butler was easy since, well, he was in three utterly different inserts and he's Daws, ranking with Mel as the king of cartoon voices).

    Fairly recently, when I pointed out to Garrett that a voice in one spot was Hal Smith, he created a page which I still need to clean-up. I'd been trying to create a "List of Sesame voice actors" page ala The Cast of Fame, since by now I've IDed many and a recent article even revealed the voice of Sissy the Sunk in the Henson animated "Sammy the Snake" bit in Episode 0001. And many of these folks have nice connections to Old-time radio (plus I think Arnold Stang would deserve a page anyway, since his "Make up!" schtick with Milton Berle was borrowed in Berle's TMS ep). Since most of these would just live happily in Category:Animated Voice Actors anyway, I'd like to just go ahead and make the pages (obviously still avoiding the "So and so's resume says they were in some insert" sort of pages if we have no info or IDs and stuff that's otherwise either too vague or dull to make decent pages), and the fact that Sesame Workshop by now has so many of these on YouTube also makes it easy to link or embed to provide easy access and realize "Hey, that *is* Davey from Davey and Goliath as the kid looking for his No!"

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