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  • Scott, please reply to this discussion on my message wall, I honestly do not know think that you understand what my real issue is, I would appreciate it if you would just directly answer my questions;

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    • Scott, can you PLEASE tell me why I was blocked earlier this month? I have a right to know.

      Also, there is a huge misunderstanding, I could care LESS if one of my edits gets reverted. I am NOT talking it personally, but I also have a right to know WHY. I asked you politely at the beginning of this month why my logo update was reverted, and you never gave me an answer.

      Can you please just answer my questions?

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    • You were blocked for being a pest. Your recent activity has not helped improve this position.

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    • Would it be okay to take a break from these conversations right now? Fred -- I know that you've been feeling ignored, I'm sorry about that -- we can look at what was up in that particular case. But right now, it does feel like you're just poking at Scott and waiting for a reaction, and it's not making things better. Do you want to take it to my Message Wall, and we can figure it out together?

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    • A FANDOM user
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