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  • Hi, Danny:

    The reason I changed the sponsors for Episode 725 is that I seem to remember that episode from way back when, and that I vividly remember the sponsors being the letters M and O and the number 6. I know, it's only memory, but certain sponsors on certain shows seem to 'stick out' in my mind more. Just as the line in that clip where Luis gives Cookie Monster a hammer to try to repair the store he just 'ate up,' and tells him 'Don't eat it!' when Cookie tries to do just that. Sorry if I'm relying on memory alone, but that seems to be what I do recall. Thanks, Jon.

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    • Hi Jon -- Yeah, unfortunately, we really need more than a memory to add information to the wiki. It's possible that you have an exceptionally perfect memory for the sponsors on an episode from 1975. It's also possible that your memory is imperfect on that. So we like to have a source -- either an episode that someone can watch, or some documentation.

      I'm glad you're adding to the wiki, please keep it up! :)

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    • Hi, Danny:

      Thanks for responding. Also, while I've learned a while back that this is not really a 'tape trading' Web site, I was just wondering if you knew of anyone who might possibly have any of those video clips from 1970's Sesame Street I have been looking for over the past going-on-five years to be uploaded to the Web. Do you remember me mentioning that list - the other five clips featuring a blonde gymnast (other than 'between'), five stop-motion clips demonstrating 'beginning' and 'end,' and the song about the post office? Someone has the 'scuba diver and five shells' clip, and will upload it (hopefully) when he finds it. I also have another list as well, if you're interested. Just wondering., Also, do you remember any of those clips? Again, just curious. Thanks again.

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    • No, sorry... I'm mostly familiar with the Muppet sketches; not as much with the film clips. It's becoming easier to get early Sesame material lately -- the Old School: Volume 3 DVD set just came out, and they're releasing more classic episodes on iTunes and Netflix. Sesame Workshop is also putting out a lot more on YouTube. It's obvious that we're heading towards a period when a larger chunk of old Sesame Street will be available in some kind of format, either DVD, download or streaming.

      So I think your best chance of seeing those clips again is when they get released in one of those formats. It might mean waiting a little while, but it's going to happen.

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    • OK, Danny, thanks for responding. I'll keep 'plugging away' day by day, never losing hope. Once again, thanks for informing.

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