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  • Not that I really care too much, but what was the reason for the logo revert on the Disney Company page? It would be helpful for me to know, otherwise I have no idea what I did wrong. What there a copyright issue or something? The current logo on the page is outdated, and is not the one that the Disney Company currently uses. I mean, its really no skin off my nose, it would just be nice to know the reason for something so trivial as a logo.

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    • Scott, for the record, I do not appreciate the fact that you are ignoring my question. You reverted one of my edits without leaving a summary (It was not self-explanatory), and I politely asked what the reason was. A little more than week has gone by, and you did not answer. Do not think that I haven't noticed. I do not appreciate this. I know for a fact that you have logged onto the wiki a few times since I posted this question. The fact that you are an administrator and a co-founder makes this treatment especially insulting to me. It leads me to believe that you do not want to communicate with me. That is all I have to say.

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