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  • I've totally lost track of the stuff I've shown you, but here comes another one! Somebody has uploaded all 4 of the Gordon books and records here! (Insert scream)

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    • wow. those are in nice shape! I grabbed the pics and will put them up in a bit.

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    • Although at this point Gordon's disembodied head is sort of creeping me out. What an odd thing to put on the books!

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    • Yeah, I'm hoping to find those someday. I have Giveaway Gibson, but it's been played to death. I always wished that they would have combined those 4 records into one LP, like they did for some of the French and Dutch records.

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    • Hey -- are you sure you want to delete the other Pecan Tree image? That's the only one we've got of a hardcover book for those....

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    • That's not really a hardcover. I mean it is, but it's actually a library edition. What they would do is take a paperback to a bookbinder, and have them rebind it with a hard cover. Then they would copy the picture on to the front cover, and it would usually come out in garish colors that don't match the original. To me it's the equivalent of taking a CD apart and putting it in a more sturdy case for library use. Since these were never sold to the general public, I wouldn't count it as a true release. If Random House had sold hardcover editions of the Gordon books separately, they would have matched the paperback colors, and they wouldn't look like the negative of the paperback edition. If you think we should keep the library editions, I'd still like to put the paperbacks as the main picture, since we have such nice ones now. I just hate library editions, because I grew up with a lot of them, and they never had dust jackets or the back cover artwork of the regular edition. I could always tell that they were taken apart and re-bound. (I was a book nerd from an early age!) Here's a short article about it. In later years, they actually used the physical cover, and it looked like this. My personal opinion would be not to keep them, because theoretically, every Sesame paperback would have also been re-bound like this for library use.

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