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  • Hi! Did you get the 8-track of Every Body's Record off of eBay? I couldn't find it. I'm asking because right above it, it has the bottom of what looks like an 8-track of Sesame Street 1. Also, you put it on My Record. I would have moved it, but we already have an 8-track of Every Body's Record on its page, so I didn't know if you wanted to pick one.

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    • argh. sorry. I put it in the wrong spot. Yes I almost certainly got it off ebay, but I'm not sure when. I just noticed it on my desktop when I was cleaning up some files tonight.

      The image I had doesn't go up any further. But we already have two 8-tracks for SS1.... why did you want another? I should go crop it though.

      Is it the same as the one on the Every Body's Record page? I suspect I grabbed it because it says Columbia House and then didn't put it up because I wasn't sure if that was the same or different. Truthfully neither one is that great so I am ok with keeping either. The packaging is sort of interesting I suppose as opposed to dingy 8-track plastic....

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    • On the SS1 I was wondering which version it was, but I figured out that it's the 1974 reissue. Can you make the new one of Everybody's Record a new version of the old one? I like to keep variations of covers in the history, because sometimes the differences help us figure stuff out, like when we finally figured out the book and records!

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    • Never mind; I saw what you did. That Columbia House 8-track might have a unique number, so we can keep both. I know they made a Columbia House LP of The Sesame Street Fairy Tale Album. Thanks!

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    • sigh. we are editing at cross purposes as I have just reuploaded it over the other one.  :)

      Do you want me to put it back separate? Or leave it?

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    • Can you please make them separate? If we find out that there were no Columbia House editions, we can always merge them back together. Thanks!

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    • all set.

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    • Oddly enough, I ran across this auction again. here. It has Sesame Disco! on Columbia House also. And the SS1, which has the tracklist slightly cutoff so while it is cleaner than our image, it is less complete in a way. Not sure which you prefer to have.

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    • There's also an auction for SS2 in an RCA box here. In one of the images it is clear that the number matches what we have here for the Warner bros 8-track.

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    • A FANDOM user
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