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  • You got a job on Sesamstrasse?! You've got to come on the forum and tell us all about it!

    And see if you can get them to do a crossover episode in New York!

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    • Haha! They did a few crossovers in the 80's, but only single episode narratives that played out on Sesamstraße, and not on Sesame Street. So, working on a crossover would be a dream come true! It was a little like it for the 40th anniversary episode, with Ernie, Bert, Cookie and Grover here with us though.

      But so far I'm really just an occasional puppeteer for silent background or one-line characters on the show, as all the main characters have been cast. But who knows, maybe one day... :)

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    • Well, since there won't be any Region 1 DVD's of your work, let us know if you're in any clips that we can watch online!

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    • ErnieBert
      ErnieBert removed this reply because:
      He's already got a wiki page.
      06:50, November 13, 2012
      This reply has been removed
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