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  • I was curious so I looked up Listen to the Bells; there is an ascap listing for a song by Jeff Moss with the title "Bells" alternate "Bells Different Types".... doesn't have a Sesame publisher (just Festival Attractions), but it is still suggestive. The id is 320333073 . I was about to suggest on the talk page that it is a possible id for the song but then saw you had removed it from Jeff's page....

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    • It was mostly based on the fact that one vocalist at the end sounded like Camille Bonora, who wasn't part of the show in 1982. Listening to it again, it sounded more like Ivy Austin, who [according to her page] was working on the show in the early 80's. "Festival Attractions" is the publisher of Moss' Sesame songs, so there's no problem there.

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    • Ah. Ok. I am no good at the voices beyond the most basic ones so I was confused. I'm glad I found the listing then!

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