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  • Yahoo, my copy of Kinect Sesame Street TV finally arrived! Now to figure out all the XboX business and get the downloads too (full seasons of Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures to mine, yay), but save some stuff for me to do! (Also, now I can check voice questions with my copy, and so on).

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    • Awesome! I had planned on making those tables because of the Gameplay videos on YT, but held back because there wasn't enough for the entire game. But thankfully, that Vimeo video I linked to had a brief still chart of the material in the first half of episodes. By all means, help with the Science disk! If we see how the rest of the eps turn out, I was thinking maybe doing a table for each episode on the disk (maybe making it its own separate page), because readers aren't going to know that "Construction equipment makes a K" is this segment.

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    • Yeah, if we could actually figure out how to transfer it for screengrabs, it would be nice. I can do it for stuff on TV through my external device so I *might* see if I ca do anything similar for Xbox, but the room with my PC and device is cramped and cluttered with piles of books, paper, DVDs, records and so on, so even if it is doable, it may be hard to get Kinect to respond (I stopped playing Once Upon a Monster, and need to get back to it, when I discovered that to pause one had to form one's body into a specific shape and get the sensor to respond, which is far from desirable when a digestive emergency is the reason for the break!) The living room has plenty of space to play the game, but no computer access. Regardless, I can't wait to run into the new Guy Smiley stuff!

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    • Okay, no progress on screengrabbing, but one episode watched (took me over an hour just to hook everything up) and at least it's far less sensitive than Once Upon a Monster. I also started transcribing the credits (they made it easier at least as far as accessibility); Fran Brill, Jerry Nelson, and Caroll Spinney are all absent save in the season credits. Haven't encountered the new Count material and doesn't seem to be any new Big Bird stuff, but I'm not sure if Fran Brill is just uncredited as Prairie Dawn or whether, as it rather sounds like to me, it's someone else (it sounds like it could conceivably Stephanie D'Abruzzo, who is credited, and they have used similar voices before). I'll have to investigate further.

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    • Yeah. I'd need to hear more of the new Prairie Dawn stuff. Part of the reason it sounds different to me (a sort of thickness) might just be because, well, it's been a little while since they've really used Prairie, and possibly adjusting to the different set-up. Whitmire is credited, the other two aren't, but it wouldn't be the first time an oversight was made (plus they have the Season 42 credits to cover any gaps; it's also possible, though it might seem odd to omit for that reason, that say Fran Brill as well as Jerry Nelson just looped their roles and thus somehow were omitted from the list of puppeteers (I know, from the names of folks like John Kennedy for example, that it includes some digital puppeteer-type folk and Elmo's World furniture vets for full bodies and so on). Also, at least in the one I watched, "Elmo's World" was heavily edited (Elmo's World: Wild Animals: Mr. Noodle was cut outside of a dancing cameo, and it jumped from animals waiting to talk to the elephant, who hadn't shown up yet, narrating for Elmo as an aardvark). At the end, Cooper said the number of the day was 15 but none of the segments for it (this was the Humpty's Big Break one) actually involved that number! I'll watch again to make sure there wasn't an omission or something.

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    • That's odd. But, yeah. From what I've seen, the EW segments are edited. The "shows" are what, 30-40 minutes each? Spending half the run time on 15 of EW doesn't seem wise. Hopefully, the Letter of the Day game show will appear on YT thanks to some kind soul; I'm good at making out voices and determining whether or not they're looped or not.

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