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  • I'm finally sitting down and going through the cover 45's, so I've been able to confirm what we still need. So far, I haven't seen any new Peter Pans, but I found the Pickwick, and I found a variant of CTW 99010, and I finally found CRA 76051!

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    • Ok. I grabbed them and put up CRA76051. I left up the label because I think it's interesting that the cover has the CC number and the label has it as CRA.

      I'll do the other two tomorrow -- out of time and they need a bit more effort to make the images right. Do we need the FP sets somewhere?

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    • Incidentally, this looks like it is vol. 1 to me: here . What do you think?

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    • I think those were color-coded for easy piano and harder piano, but I can't read that number. I haven't looked at the sheet music in a while, though.

      I was hoping that you could cut the FP books and records into 4 pieces. I wanted to make places for FP records and tapes if we find them in their original packaging, because otherwise, you can't tell them from 3rd version BR/BT covers.

      Shoot, I didn't even notice that prefix! I think that's a transition cover, and I've only found it on the E&B 45's. I've never seen a CRA cover for the SS1 45's, although I've found one label, and I've found evidence of more. I read somewhere that Columbia spun off its kid division, which turned into CRA, which would explain the similar (and in some cases identical) numbering system, and I even see Columbia matrix numbers (that's the XSM number unique to each side) on the later Bremen and Frog Prince. But I need to do more research on that.

      See what kids are missing out on by buying downloads?

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    • Oh. Yes. I can probably cut the 4 apart. Although there is a lot of glare on 2 of them.

      The rest are up :)

      All the CRA E&B 45s have the CC prefix on the cover. Don't they?

      I'm not sure the kids are missing out. But collectors down the road... they are missing out :)

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    • Yeah, I know they're not great, but it would be a placeholder until we find more. I'm surprised we're still finding FP records in the package!

      On the CC/CRA 45's I'm not sure. I mentioned I've seen written evidence of others, but the dealers just used CRA numbering (and there was no picture). And the early ones on the wiki were kind of blurry, and I couldn't really tell a 6 from a 5. Now that I know what I'm looking for, I'm checking labels and covers.

      I've just discovered that eBay searches can bring up sold and unsold completed items, and I think I ran into a treasure trove of the book and record sets which will finally make sense of all of the cover variations once and for all. Do you mind helping me with that once I figure out what I need? I don't mean to throw a bunch of stuff at you at once, but I want to link it before I forget it. I also discovered that the listings stay up for 3 months if you have the whole URL (instead of using the item number), so there's no hurry. Thanks for Geefling and Gonking!

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    • So I tried to split up the 4 FP images, but the full image is only about 600 px, so each one was tiny. I don't think they are really going to serve even as placeholders; although if you want I could upload the image of the 4 to put on each page for now.

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    • Okay, thanks. I'd just like to use them since we don't see the packaging very often.

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