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  • Hi, Jon! Just a couple reminders on the attention tags, which I know we haven't used in awhile. They should be on the *talk* page actually, not the article (I don't know if you remember or were here for the discussion, but Danny considered it and the stump tag to be "failure boxes" so he didn't want it to be as obvious to a casual visitor, just to the editors and people who could actually work on it). Secondly, you should always explain *why* the box is being added and what should be done. In the case of James Kirkland, a quick Google check suggests why (since you caught that Max's assumption or claim that he really was the engineer was false, and I guess you wanted others to expand the filmography). But it helps to clarify, at least in the edit summary if not on the talk page. Thanks! (Again, since we really haven't used the things in ages, it's understandable; I may bring it up on the forum as a general reminder at some point, or update Muppet Wiki:List of Templates to discuss it in better detail; along with many other templates, it's not even mentioned there).

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    • Ah, I see. I guess I was confused about how the tag should be used after seeing it on the Mel Swope page a while back. I added it to the James Kirkland page because I couldn’t find as much info as you did (I was Googleing “James Kirkland TomTom” since I wasn’t familiar with his other work). I'm not even sure why I didn't explain that in my edit summary this time. Still, my bad for not thoroughly checking on both counts. Thanks for expanding the page! ;)

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