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  • Hi! I ran across a few 45's that belong to the JCP set. The pictures are here, and we already have one, but it was faster to link to one page.

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    • Also, I found Muppet Show (album), a record that's in Portuguese! Can you do me a favor? Max got the picture, but it's a rectangle right now. Can you crop it so it's a square? It looks like it's all there, and it's pretty big, so you'll have lots to work with. Thanks!

      If you want to see the back cover and labels, it's here.

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    • Oh neat! It's really interesting that they would make the effort to create dubbed albums for the Muppets like that.

      Grabbed the singles as well -- we've got almost the whole set now!

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    • Yeah, Andrew was pretty happy, because now he has more information about the people who did the dubbing. And I'm happy because I'm hoping they made 45's that go to this album! I'm surprised we haven't found their version of Mahna Mahna yet!

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    • Well, we do have a Portuguese Mahna Mahna single. Admittedly with the "halfway down the stairs" title on it as well, it seems unlikely it was dubbed, but are we sure it wasn't?

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    • Actually, that Mahna Mahna 45 is the one on Pye for Portugal, taken from the UK LP. The new LP I found on RCA is for Brazil, and it's one of only 2 dubbed Muppet Show LP's we've seen, the other one being France. Although the Brazil Mahna Mahna will probably be the US soundtrack, too.

      I wish they spoke Spanish in Brazil. It would make things less confusing!

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    • Speaking Spanish would probably not be less confusing for the Brazilians! I confess, I like Portuguese; I took a year of it in college and would have taken more, only I found I couldn't do Spanish at the same time and I was supposedly majoring in the Spanish!. My college roommate had the same issue, only she chose to continue with Portuguese and lost most of her Spanish skills....

      Ok. Interesting that they dubbed it for Brazil but not Portugal. It seems an unlikely place!

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    • Yeah, I'm still confused why most other countries got English-language Muppet records, while they seem to have dubbed Disney records everywhere. Maybe some of the shows were subtitled. There's so much we don't know about the international versions of stuff!

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