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  • Wow, thanks for finding that 8-track! That means that the LP, tape and 8-track all exist as AF and AQ. I know the catalog numbers back then determined the price, so I'm going to ask some other people which one came first. Since it was in print for a few years, they either raised the price as records got more expensive, or they lowered the price as it became an older title. Thanks for helping me keep this page organized!

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    • I think it was the LP , I had that too.

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    • Well logically, AF comes first :p It was nice to round out the set though. It continues to make me happy that there are so many copies of that one.

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    • Yeah, but in some cases Q meant Quad, but I don't think they still had Quad in 1979, because I've never seen The Muppet Movie in Quad. I think the later letters meant higher prices, but I'm not sure, because not long after that, bar codes came in, and numbering systems changed again. I'm curious if it was a production error, or if later Christmases had a slightly different edition, like no gatefold. I should know soon!

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