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  • Wasn't sure whether to put this here or in General Discussion, but this seemed like the best place. I just expanded Rich Little and included a section on an album he did, The First Family Rides Again, which includes two Muppet Mentions. I did this rather than give it a solo page, both because it worked better as a way to expand Little's page but also because there's no place for it, really. We have Category:Music Mentions, but this doesn't fit. As it is, we do have Minor Video Game Mentions (and no major ones, in fact), so perhaps it's time to create a "Miscellaneous Mentions" category, just as we have Category:Miscellaneous References, for those in media which simply don't fit anywhere else? Obviously it will be pretty rare, but I don't anticipate coming up with enough comedy albums, and in fact something like Stage Deli, categorized as a "Stage Mention," is really miscellaneous: a restaurant with a menu which named a sandwich after Super Grover.

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    • What do you think about Radio Mentions for that? A spoken-word comedy album kind of falls between the "Music" and "Radio" categories. I think it would make sense to have a description on the Radio Mentions category that says it's for both radio and spoken-word recordings.

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    • The nitpicker in me says it wasn't broadcast on radio... *But* it's a closer fit, plus actual radio mentions are far between, so that would make sense. Actually, how about just renaming that to "Audio Mentions"? There's only two items in there so far, so it would be an easy fix. Also, should I keep it where it is, merged with Rich Little, or break out into its own page? While it's enough for it's own page, I think it works better merged here.

      Similarly, for a long time, I've wanted to cover how much Episode 203: Milton Berle references Berle's TV shows. The opening "makeup" gag is from his 50s series, but almost all of the Statler and Waldorf scenes are nearly word for word from his 1966-1967 series (where a heckler in a balcony seat, named Sidney Schpritzer, would torment him). I'd like to find a way to break that down, possibly even with video links or embeds of the Berle footage (something we seldom do, but in this case, at least a YouTube link would be warranted since it's not something like Casablanca that everyone knows and can easily find). I've debated whether to use it as a subsection on Berle, or just create a The Milton Berle Show page (the title for both series, but they were non-consecutive.)

      I like how the forum makes it easier to place this sort of pondering where people can see it, instead of shoving on a talk page where it may not be noticed and where it really covers more than one related issue.

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    • And in fact, I just found another, in an obscure 1971 Vaughn Meader comedy album (with Jerry Nelson in bit parts, even). So I'll go with Audio Mentions.

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