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  • I was looking at some Golden tapes, and I found a whole bunch of 8-tracks! We need some, and some others might be better pictures! Here's the whole page.

    P.S. I noticed 2 things: 1) Ernie's hits is the later version! 2) SS Fever has "The Original Cast" across the top, which I don't remember seeing on a record. One of our 8-tracks has it, but others don't. So now I'm wondering if it was on first pressings, and then maybe RSO asked them to take it off because of confusion, or if it was added for later pressings, to further parody the top line of "The Original Movie Sound Track". And now to keep hunting for an LP with that variation!

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    • I grabbed the two we didn't have :) It's been awhile since I checked for 8tracks!

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    • Do you think this What Time Is It is better? I think ours has a flash light on it.

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    • Ah. yeah. I replaced it. Although it's a bit of a tradeoff as the colors are better in the old one.

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    • I missed that we didn't have that particular SSFever 8track, but Max caught it. I find it an ongoing amazement how very many copies of that album were released.

      The yellow 8-track for SSFever has a line about "distributed by pickwick, Canada"... so doesn't that mean it's actually Canadian? 8-track-shack has 3 of those and all of them have that line at the bottom.

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    • Well, it has the US and the Canadian address, and the 45 sleeves during this period have both of them, too, so I've always guessed that they just sold them in both places. Only the Canadian LP's are unique, because the bottom of the label says Pickwick instead of Distinguished. I've never seen a 45 with Pickwick on the bottom of the label, so I'm guessing they didn't press them twice. It gets confusing.

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    • hrm. Well so much for that idea on the origin of that yellow 8track.

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    • Hey, I forgot to show you a couple of things. Here is a triple pack of Golden books and tapes. Notice how the packaging never says what titles you get? That's why I think a lot of the sets were randomly packaged, especially the ones with 2 books on 1 tape. And notice how 2 tapes have a number but no year, and the other one has a year but no number? That's what drives me crazy when I find loose tapes. Check out that back cover, though! I'll have to see if I have that all down in my notes.

      I also saw a group of tapes that included a BT tape from the book and tape series. But I think it sold, because I can't find it now. I just wanted to show you because I'd never seen one before.

      And I see you grabbed the computer games! I never knew that Sesame computer games were released on cassettes!

      Nice Kids' Favorite Songs sampler! I didn't even know about that one. Now I'm trying to find the catalog number. It looks like it was sponsored by Oral-B!

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    • Oh neat! Does the number on the 3pack correspond to anything? I think the date vs. set number on the tape is the difference between side a and side b of the tapes. If you look where the tape inside is reeled it's opposite on the one with the date. The packaging is definitely not related to the subject matter of the 3 books inside, so I'd agree it's probably just generic to all the sets (whether they are random or not).

      aargh. I've never seen a BT tape. I would've loved to see that :).

      And I never knew about the games either. I don't think the seller had any idea what they were (he had them listed as music).

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    • No, those are the same single tape numbers that we've had for a few years.

      Can you chop the picture in half, so we can put them on their pages? I've been thinking about organizing the computer games with galleries by format, so we know what's missing.

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    • I meant the number on the lower right of the 3pack package front. I realized the tape numbers were the same :) I still think that one side of the tape has the number and one the year.

      I can chop the picture in half; there just wasn't an obvious place to put it if I did which is why I didn't. One of them had no individual page (and I know nothing about the game to make one) and the page on the other only had one format pictured..... I think there's probably a lot of them missing if you try to get images of the different formats for all of them.

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    • Oh, I didn't even see that number! And it looks like it fits into the Golden numbering system. Thanks!

      I was just thinking of making a gallery with a consistent layout, with format, year, company, and catalog number. But then again, I think our computer pages might need to be reworked, because I think we have some by title, and some by company. I'll probably bring it up on a category talk page soon.

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