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  • Hi. Just a reminder, talk pages are supposed to be for discussion on the factual outcome of an article, and as stated here, they don't work well as places to discuss personal opinions, like the message you left on Talk:Clueless Morgan. Discussions like that are more suited for forums and message boards like on Muppet Central. Thanks!

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    • Foozie Bear
      Foozie Bear removed this reply because:
      01:51, January 21, 2013
      This reply has been removed

      Sorry about that....

      Anyway, the reason why I left that message is becuase, I wanted to know, why there is a specific reason why they aren't rebuilding a Clueless Morgan puppet. I mean, it wouldn't be too hard for them, seeing that they rebuilt larger and harder Muppets.

      How are the other posts on the talk pages?

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    • Talk pages are used exclusively to ask questions about the article itself, such as what info to add to it/how to improve it.

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