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  • Hi, Julian! On Miss Piggy's Guide to Life, is the German pocket book edition another way of saying paperback? In the US, a pocket book is more like a purse, and we also have little miniature gift books that are small hardcovers that would fit in a purse. Do you know if this was the complete version? Also, how would you translate "Ein schweinischer Ratgeber?" Thanks!

    By the way, I love how you're keeping up with US holidays!

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    • Yeah, it's a paperback. I don't know if it's the complete version, but would almost assume as much. "Ein schweinischer Ratgeber" can be translated to "a piggish/swinish guidebook," as well as "a naughty/dirty guidebook."

      Thanks!  :)

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    • That's funny, because the word for piggish in Spanish that would mean messy can also be used as dirty in the way you mentioned. But I wonder who came up with that subtitle, because the US version doesn't have it.

      Did the German Die Muppets come out on video yet? I'm curious if the extras in other countries are dubbed, or if anybody got anything that the US didn't get.

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    • It's been out for a while, but the extras are all subtitled, not dubbed. And from the quick look I had, it doesn't seem like we got the "intermission" part on the German release. Feel free to add that information!

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