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  • Hi! Just wanted to say a couple things. First, this rare pic of Oz on Muppet Treasure Island is a great find! I was actually looking for a good later pic of Oz to replace [[:File:FrankOz-BAM-(05-16-2012).jpg|this]], and I think it fits really well.

    Also, I found an old Steve Whitmire interview where he says he performed Piggy for one scene in Muppets from Space, so we can definitely use that as a source.

    All around, nice work ;)

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    • Thank you so much!! I always do investigation in every muppet project done. Im still searching the article that stated Steve perform Scooter for MFS. And For the kevin-Piggy thing too. Im very good in the muppet voices ,and I can tell is Kevin, and also Frank is not credited, plus, the other two episodes from season 2 in which Frank characters appears are the cameo show and Johnny Fiamma leaves home. I can tell that the two skits from those episodes were ones left from the season 1. Something like teyve done with him in the las season of sesame, he taped 4 skits and only 2 were shown, I think theyve done that in case Frank couldnt tape any skits this year, but he did. so we can predice that Frank will be well represented for season 43. ..

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    • Do you have any pic from Frank Oz and Eric jacobson together???

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    • I know there's one of them performing together in page 130 of Sesame Street: A Celebration - 40 Years of Life on the Street; it's a small pic though.

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    • oh...I cant have the book...I wish you would put into the muppet wiki if you can.. thanks!!!!

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    • A FANDOM user
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