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  • Hi again, I'm finding several questionable tidbits in your edits; for example, what's the source for Frank Oz visiting the set of Letters to Santa and for Steve Whitmire puppeteering Scooter in Muppets from Space? As a vital part of our guidelines, we need to show sources for info added to the Wiki, so others can verify that it's correct; we don’t rely on guesses or assumptions. Please take some time to reply to this message, so I know you understand. Thanks!

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    • -The citation of the Frank oz visit were in the toughpigs section, "My week on a muppet movie set part 2"

      -Susan were in the episodes: the flood, supermaria, furry potter and whats on big birds nest on tge season 42

      .Bob was onli in the lever lover insetr this season, not in the street stories. And the only citation is by viewin the episodes...

      -In the Andie Macdowell episode Itas obiously for me that it is Kevin Clashs Piggy, clearly not Frank, who it isnt eve credited in the episode.

      - And Jose Riegdo birth/death dates is on the spanish wikipedia of the actor.

      - Frank oz as piggy in those scenes and Steve Whitmire as Scooter puppeter were said many years ago in a puppeter interview, but I cant find now, I

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    • Sorry but I dont know how to put the links here, but if you try to find them on internet you will do..

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    • Thanks for replying and confirming some of your edits. At viewing the Miss Piggy talk page, I think we'll probably still need to confirm the MT note on Clash performing Piggy, as that appears to have been unsourced for a while. From watching the episode, while Oz is uncredited, Piggy's voice doesn't sound any different from Oz's Piggy (although it does look like lip-synching to prerecorded dialogue). The last note you mentioned is a bit unspecific, so I most likely won't be able to find that.

      I'll make the appropriate corrections when I'm able to, but I'll leave you on a how-to as far as internet and source tags. Here's basically how we create internet tags; [ Website Name] and we just add ref codes to make it a reference (<ref> in front of the link; and </ref> at the end). Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Again, thanks ;)

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    • Thanks!!

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    • A FANDOM user
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