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  • Hi, Julian! Sorry to hear about Samson. Brad added a "citation needed" tag to your info though. As for when he stopped appearing, I presumed that was just checking episodes themselves or episode guides, but for the rest, was there a press release or did you get it as insider knowledge? (If the latter, I'd explain it on the talk page, just so we can take the unsightly tag off). Thanks!

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    • Hi Andrew! File it all away under insider knowledge, I guess. I puppeteer on the show from time to time, and talked to the powers that be. :)

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    • Okay, I just mentioned it in the edit summary, given how often we've used info from crew members who've edited here without having to cite to preserve anonymity, but since you're less anonymous, if there's a need to mention it, I can do it on the talk page.

      Also, if there's any specific characters you've performed, don't hesitate to add them. Also also, I got my revisions in, including fingerfarkeln or however you spell it. Yay!

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    • A Fandom user
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