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  • Why did you delete the Russell Brand page?

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    • Hi! Take a look at Category talk:Creature Shop Movie Actors, which explains Henrik's reverts and deletes. Basically, we don't create a page for an actor in a movie where the Creature Shop only provided effects or puppets for a sequence, especially after the sale of the Muppets to Disney (since that remains our main focus; we had a huge discussion of that awhile back). Russell Brand has no scenes with any of the puppets. We don't create pages for people who produced movies where the Creature Shop provided effects either (as opposed to those actually made by the Henson Company) so Judd Apatow will likely be deleted, unless the audition note can be better sourced and the page expanded. You had no way of knowing, and we appreciate your effort, but basically Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of those projects where we try to cover the info on one page and actors with no other connection won't get their own page. Adding the credit to other pages, like Steve Landesberg (which I've been needing to beef up and revise anyway; he passed away, and that's not on there) is fine, but not the category.

      I know that's all confusing to a first time editor, but I hope it explains things. Thanks, and don't be discouraged!

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    • Brand did have scenes with puppets. Russell Brand U

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    • Yeah, that was a deleted scene or possibly a deliberate "made for the DVD" extra, we're not sure the Creature Shop made it (though probably), and the picture's on the page. There's just no need to make a solo page for him at this time.

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