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  • Hi. Please don't recreate The Muppet Show Cast Listing. All that information is covered elsewhere on the wiki. Thanks.

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    • I don't recreate pages that get deleted. If you delete them. Then I get the message that it's not needed.

      I see a lot of red flags go up here. I think this is one of the scrictest wikis I've ever seen. I upload a bunch on pictures, and I get a message, "Why did you upload these pictures? Some of them have already been uploloaded." Although it wasn't rudely said or anything, I just don't get it. Does it take up room. Am I wasting Cyberspace?. (There's no such thing).

      But this case. There are no pages with puppeteers and what they perfrom. A person like me comes on this wiki and wants to see what certain performers perform. For example, I want to see ALL the puppets that Frank Oz performed on Sesame Street. But there's no page like that. I have to try to figure out by myself.

      Wocka Wocka, Foozie

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    • Frank Oz#Muppeteer Credits.

      Hope that helps.

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    • Exactly. For the record, all Muppeteer Credits (and usually character roles) are listed at the bottom of each Muppet Performer's page. We also have Muppeteers and their characters, and while it doesn't list every performer's characters, it's visually interesting and it at least gives readers an idea of the diverse amount of Muppets they've played. With that in mind, creating a singular page that just lists every single performer's characters wouldn't be necessary since it would consist of repeated information (applying to our notability policy).

      And, just to clarify, the question I asked last week was only largely out of curiosity; it wasn't really a big deal. What caught my eye was that there were a whole bunch of pictures you had uploaded, many of them looked like duplicates, so I thought I'd ask. While the norm is that any unused or unneeded pictures are deleted, I see nothing wrong with storing whichever ones you like on your user page.

      To reiterate what Andrew said, feel free to ask us if your wondering if something already exists on the Wiki. I'd also recommend checking out Muppet Wiki:Things you can do to see if you can help in creating a page or adding a reference. Thanks!

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