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  • Hi, any particular reason for your recent picture uploads? A lot of them have already been uploaded on the Wiki.

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    • Nope.

      I just uploaded my whole "Muppet" picture folder. Some of them I took from Muppet Central.

      I actually didn't want to put ALL of them up, I just wanted to put the Sam as Captain America one. You can delete a few of them if it really makes a diffrence.

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    • Okay, just making sure. As a side note, the pic with Sam as Captain America was already uploaded a while ago and is featured on both the Sam the Eagle and Marvel pages. Also, I'm not sure if the Captain America page you created is necessary, as it's content is that one parody poster which is also noted elsewhere. I'll bring it up on the talk page for discussion though.

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    • I noticed there's a page on The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. Why is that neccesary?

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    • That's a good point. I guess maybe because it's a film that isn't associated to anything as closely as Captain America is with Marvel. That's my best argument. Still, I might check into redirecting that page as well, so thanks for bringing that up.

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    • Basically, it's because we already covered all of the Captain America info on Marvel Comics, where any and all Marvel comics with just one reference are covered (those with more extensive involvement, like Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk, get their own pages) and we've used the same policy in approaching other stuff (for example, references on The Walt Disney Company). For The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, there's the poster and a trailer spoof, so two items, and nowhere else to put it. So basically that's the distinction, that we try not to duplicate info which already is or can be housed on other pages (we've often merged pages to provide the most effective coverage). Alfred Hitchcock covers all the references to his films, but Grumpy Old Men gets its own page.

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    • Okay, but then Green Latern and The Hangover needs their own pages too.

      (Which is what \i was trying to do yesterday but my computer kept crashing.)

      Anyway \i'll make those pages.

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    • Never mind, it seems you already made them. Was this done last night? I do not remember seeing these yesterday when I searched them.

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    • Green Lantern is covered on DC Comics. And we have The Hangover: Part II. It can be tricky, I know, but you might check Category:Movie References first to see if anything is already covered, and also consider if there's a larger group where the item might fall (Marvel, DC, Disney, Hitchcock, William Shakespeare though a few have been broken off, Jane Austen, etc.)

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    • OK. I see my page has been re-directed. That's fine with me.

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    • And no, they've been there awhile (Green Lantern since November), but sometimes search engine can be tricky or a matter of using the right string. If you need help finding anything, or want to know if something already exists, feel free to ask an admin (or start a conversation on Category talk:Movie References). It takes awhile to get the hang of things, and we have our own way of organizing things (in general, Category:References is the umbrella category for any spoofs or references the Muppets do of other stuff; Category:Muppet Mentions is for when other shows or people spoof or reference Muppets, like The Simpsons). For both DC and Marvel, it's happened both ways, which is why we keep them on the same page unless we have multiple references where it would make more sense to split off. Hope this helps!

      And yeah, redirects when a page covers multiple related titles are always good, since we do want people to find things (we may try using anchored links, like we do on some pages, at some point, to go straight to the reference). So give us a heads up if you think of other examples like that. Thanks for the help!

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    • A FANDOM user
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