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  • I didn't want you to be discouraged that we deleted your page for the "pass it on" billboards. The information is actually already on the wiki with The Foundation for a Better Life. Also remember to keep any of your edits at a neutral point of view!  :)

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    • Yeah no problem. I checked it but I couldn't find it anywhere. What do you mean excatly as a neutral point of view?

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    • Check the FAQ page for info on NPOV writing. Thanks!

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    • I don't get it, I'm checking the Wanted Pages page and I was going to make a page on Cartoon Network, since it says it's wanted there. But then I finf out it was previously deleted several times. Are these pages wanted or not?

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    • Basically, Wanted Pages means something is redlinked. But in the case of Cartoon Network, it was deleted ut the redlinks weren't removed. Also, the last deletion in fact was never discussed. Still, the only major connection was that they co-produced and aired Big Bag, and a couple pilots were announced and never aired. That was it. There's a discussion on Talk:Sci Fi which discusses when to create a page for a network.

      Wanted Pages isn't a list we create or control, it's automatically generated. On the other hand, in most cases it *is* because nobody got around to it. So if it has been deleted, the links should be removed. If it was never created and is linked on pages and it's clear there's actual info to create (about a character or actor, beyond just a sentence or basic summaries already included on other pages), then feel free to create. That probably sounds more complicated than it is. But generally, if you're interested in making a page, go ahead, and if you're not sure if it belongs, create a talk page ([[Talk:Page name]]). Since talk pages aren't something casual visitors go to when they click "Random page" or through other links, it's okay to park info or ask "Is this enough info for a page?" there. We've done it often.

      I hope this helps!

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    • Great, I'll create the page later if you think I should. I'll check out the other ones too. Muppets do have a lot of connections with Cartoon Network so I see no reason not to create a page.

      Wocka Wocka


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    • I'd raise it on the talk page first for Cartoon Network, since as I indicated, we've increasingly stopped creating pages for networks just because of connections (we don't have a Comedy Central page either, nor do we really need it). I personally have no problem with recreating it (I'm not the one who deleted it) but it's also not a huge loss since the main relevant fact (that they co-produced and aired Big Bag) is on the Big Bag page. Bring it up for discussion and we can see what the consensus is.

      But for anything else, go ahead. A good tip is to check how many pages link to a page. Usually (unless as in some cases, it's a user page or sandbox page which was deleted when the issue was resolved, but never unlinked or redirected) the more pages that link to something, the more likely the page is indeed wanted and it's just that nobody got around to it.

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