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  • Hey, thanks for those 45's! I thought we'd never find them. I can't believe we still haven't found the last 2 in the CTW series. I hope they turn up soon!

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    • P.S. Did you see this and this?

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    • I know -- it was the most amazingly odd night on ebay. I'd begun to think the Al Jarreau single was mythical. And a nice copy of the Jack and the Beanstalk single cover, which is also quite rare. I still think the True Blue Miracle single is a myth.

      I saw the Bob McGrath -- there were tons of his albums/singles/EPs up last night also. We already have that one although not the reverse picture. Should we grab that? I missed Gordon -- he's up on his page now.

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    • No, I think the True Blue 45 is hard to find because it was only out one time. It would have come out for Christmas of 1978 with the special, and the following year they quit making store stock 45's. They may have sold leftover stock for Christmas of 1979, but I think by then they wouldn't have been making any more. Although it's curious that the 45's on the back cover of LP's continued to be listed until 1983, so maybe they were pressing them, but decided not to make any more new ones. At this point (1981) they were getting into the BR/BT book and record/tape sets, so maybe they were phasing out the singles. Either way, it would make sense that there are fewer copies of it, because it was only sold at Christmas.

      And the Al Jarreau 45 is interesting. It's a mono/stereo promo of One Good Turn (so AM stations played the mono side and FM stations played the stereo side), but it's got the same number as the "real" copy with the other song on the B-side. So it matches the chart, but I'm still hoping for a picture of the store stock copy, because I saw a listing for sale a long time ago, but there was no picture.

      And I totally forgot about that other promo from Sesame Disco! I went back in the history, and it looks like you had found the information on that one a long time ago, so thank you for finding the text and the picture!

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    • I confess I was wishing the Al Jarreau was the commercial release myself. I don't entirely understand why it is so hard to come by -- Wynken, Blinken and Nod is everywhere.

      So there was also this album. It took me a bit to dig through, but the "Holy Hawk" was ringing a bell. So here, Paul says he bought the album and found that it wasn't Sesame. Which is exactly what the seller is saying and suggests that his wasn't a fluke (unless I suppose the seller is him). It is just so ODD that they used that cover! I'm wondering if we should put it on the page as a cover ripoff or something, just so the information is there....

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    • That's weird! So it's either a production error and 2 albums got switched, or they were bootlegging real disco records for clubs, and hiding them in what looks like a kids' record cover. I'll figure out a way to put that on the page, since now that we've seen it twice on eBay, people might run across it, and it would be cool if we can help explain it.

      More on Bob soon, but Happy New Year!

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