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  • Hi! What was your source for Os Marretas? Some of the names listed were definitely not alive and/or working when the original dub was made, so these would be redub credits for, say, DVD. Is there a link? Thanks.

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    • The only evidence I found for Os Marretas was the Portugese Wikipedia and a video of the Season 1 intro on YouTube.

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    • Yeah, next time, bring them up on talk pages first if you're not sure. Other language Wikis can help, but like English Wikipedia, anyone can add, and in this case, it's sort of a general list of people who voiced the characters, it's not clear if it's specifically referring to the DVD redub or the cast used for the Disney redubs of the movies, and so on (I'll investigate further), and it's also specifically the *Brazilian* voices so that version was never even *called* Os Marretas. Note the article uses "br" which stands for Brazilian or Brazil and "pt" for Portugal, so you have voices for "Os Muppets" or some version thereof. So really, the whole page needs to be renamed.

      This has happened a couple times with international pages you've created. That happens when those of us who aren't native speakers are trying to figure out info on the international projects (which is why it helps when we have folks like Julian and others, who can clarify on the German projects, Henrik on a lot of the Scandinavian stuff, we have Dutch experts, and so on). So next time, if you're really not sure, I'd strongly suggest starting a talk page *before* creating an article, so then either folks can research first or one of our editors who happens to be from that country or understands the language can translate or clarify (see pages like Talk:Sesamstraat where we've discussed this stuff before adding).

      Thanks! Your work and enthusiasm is appreciated, just suggesting some more communication and discussion could save some clean-up or confusion. Thanks again!

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