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  • Nicholas,

    I've spent a lot of time this morning cleaning up your edits. The latest Orange is a page you created for something that already exists on the wiki under The Muppets Gold Spot. Many of the pages you created today I had to clean up as they were sloppy at best. Please do a little research before creating an article. Find links to wikipedia or IMDb if they are an actor or actress. Please check links when you post them to make sure they are not dead links. Remember that pictures are 300px. Some pages today I noticed you had set at 200px. You make great contributions around here, but I spent all morning going through and trying to clean up a lot of your recent additions. Please try to be a little more careful in the future.

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    • Nick, two similar reminders. One, please discuss before creating a new category. Two, and this is a major one, you've completely forgotten to alphabetize when you create new pages for people (last name, first; either after the category tag or through the defaultsort coding). This throws off our category alphabetization, and in many cases, it's ages before we discover it. So please be more careful. Thanks!

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    • And again just now. Please, Nick, check your wall messages.

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    • Nicholas,

      Can you please respond here on your message wall that you read both my post and Andrew's post. I noticed you created a new category for Murray Monster sketches, and while I don't disagree that it is needed it goes against what Andrew has asked of you.

      Once again I am spending my day cleaning up your edits. You moved Live with Regis and Kelly to Live with Kelly, but made no adjustments to the article about the changes in name. You've created multiple pages which are one or two sentences in length. etc.

      Please respond here so that we know you have seen these requests.

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    • I've been delaying replying to this thread, for a variety of reasons.

      To answer the most recent issues first, yes, I created a category. But if you look at the edit history, it's to replace "Murrary Monster Sketches". That misspelling has been hanging around unfixed since the category was created in January.

      As per Live!, I was making sure that the Upcoming template linked to more information, as opposed to nowhere. It's unfortunate that I didn't think to change the intro, but my concern was with the upcoming appearances.

      As per articles with one or two sentences in length, so? Would you rather me ramble at length about "The Marilyn Denis Show", for example? Personally, I'd rather think that the article should only contain base information about the program (sentence one) and information about the upcoming appearance (sentence two), and only once there is an appearance should it be longer.

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    • As per DEFAULTSORT, sorry, I'm doing that now. But neither of you are perfect, either.

      Radionate, take your article Nolan Gould:

      While yes, I started the Constance Marks article, both of you have edited in without adding the template:

      And James Bobin, behind the movie of the hour, has been edited by numerous notable editors on this project, without the DEFAULTSORT template being added until I came along recently:

      This particular trend likely owes more to the template's clumsy name, than to any editor in this project. Can we move it to simply be SORT, SORTAS or NAME, or something else more memorable?

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    • As per pictures being 300px default, why don't we ask Wikia to add a feature to the software, to let wiki admins reset the default image size to dimensions, other than 250px?

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    • Hi, Nick! I know we aren't perfect, it;s just because this trend has been going on for months now. You don't have to use default sort of course, you can just alphabetize. And the whole point in asking you to do so, as I mentioned, is *because* we don't always catch the error in the categories, so it helps tons if the person starting it, especially when they're cerating multiplearticles at a time as you tend to, does so. Pointing out edits that we missed as well doesn't really make sense as a reason not to do so.

      It sounds like you're rather peeved by our reminders. They're not meant to be harsh, it's just that from an experienced editor such as yourself, with years on the Wiki and great work on Wikipedia, things such as this surprise us. And the research problem isn't new either,. since frankly you do have some difficulty at times processing accurately what's in the sources you read.

      And as for default sizes, instead of making it a Wikia thing, is it really that hard to remember?

      As for appearances, if there's no more than two sentences to say, and the appearance hasn't happened yet, then make sure you add the {{dev}} tag on top. That makes it clear that it's something announced which hasn't happened and makes it clearer why there are no real details beyond a press announcement.

      Again, please don't take it personally. Frankly we should have brought these issues up earlier and I didn't expect you to be so angered by it.

      Hope all is well with you and that you enjoy the movie when you see it!

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    • Bah, wall makes it impossible to fix the tag issues, but you get the point. Again, please don't take any of this as a personal attack. Yes, nobody is perfect and we all need reminders. That's the whole reason we mentioned them in the first place (and prompt checking of walls really does make one aware of concerns, since otherwise, well, you just don't know; again, it's something we've all been through). Thanks! Have a great day!

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    • The only thing I want to add here is that the Default sort tag is a very nice thing, but if you notice on the edits you pointed out (and others where you added it), the editors who placed the article in the category used a manual sort option by placing a "|last name, first name" after the category title. It's a little longer way of doing things, but a helpful tool in the cases where the default sort can't be used for reasons of different alphabetizing methods in some categories (a rare thing, but something I do quite often on here). Otherwise I just want to back up what Andrew said, we aren't personally attacking, just trying to keep the wiki up to really great standards that we have all set.

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    • Hi guys -- I just saw this thread now... I think we're being a little tough on each other here. There are times when a contributor makes mistakes which can be a pain to clean up, but having the information that they provide on the wiki makes up for it. For example, Henrik doesn't write in perfect English, but we're really grateful for his Sesamstrasse episode guide pages. It's a lot easier for the native English speakers to proofread the Sesamstrasse guides than it would be for us to find and translate all the episodes!

      In a similar way, Nick goes and finds a lot of up-to-the-minute news stuff, which is especially helpful these days, with so much new Muppets promotion every day, and new Sesame episodes. Some of his pages are better than others, but I'm glad he's here and contributing everything that he does.

      So we don't want to be too rough on Nick. It's totally fair to remind him to add the picture size or IMDB links. I think saying "I've spent all morning cleaning up after you," is kind of harsh. We all clean up after each other; I've made my share of mistakes, and so has everyone on this thread. :) I think we can focus on the specific mistakes while still appreciating everyone's contributions.

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