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  • Hi Nick! Thanks for helping to clean up the vandalism. Please don't leave taunting messages for him -- it just encourages him to come back and keep "playing" with us. Best thing is just to revert and forget.

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    • I guess that's true, in retrospect. Does Wikia not have the feature where, when blocking, you can check a box and block the IP address that the person is using? It works quite well on Wikipedia in stopping most sockpuppets.

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    • Yeah, we do. Unfortunately, sometimes folks have floating IPs, because they sign in from a service like AOL, so it's not a perfect system. You can also get around it by going to a friend's house, or the library, or whatever. So we block IPs for persistent people like the guy yesterday, but it's still possible to slip through once in a while.

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    • Ah, AOL.

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    • A FANDOM user
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