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  • Um, was it REALLY necessary to put the apostrophe BACK into the link? :-/ Seems like a very trivial undo. I fixed "The Muppets" link, then I just changed the apostrophe on the other link just to keep things tidy.

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    • We discussed this several months ago on Current Events. There, I said "...I feel if a user has already gone to the trouble of putting [the apostrophe] in the link, there's really no point in taking it out." Of course there isn't an exact policy for it, but I just do that because it looks tidier on the page. It's all different stokes, so I don't think it should matter anyway.

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    • Alright, that's understandable. I guess it all depends on the specific situation. It just seemed weird because when I made the edit to the page, it wasn't my ONLY reason for editing, I also fixed another link and the apostrophe thing was just an aside thing since the edit window was already opened, so its not like I was trying to be obsessive or anything. It was just in addition.

      By the way, I have heard the claim that 300px is the standard when posting video thumbnails, but is there anything wrong with posting thumbnail videos in 330px?

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    • We use 300 px as the standard for our pictures and thus the same for videos, so they'll line up together. Also that width ines up with our templates (performer, designer, eka, etc.) so anything wider won't be inline and tends to throw off the images (unless it's, say, in a stand alone gallery or some such, where usually it needs to be smaller). Plus the uploaded video can always be enlarged anyway when breaking out of the page (which is usually what needs to be done). We're not really designing the pages so people have to watch the embedded videos on the page itself, it's just been a shift from originally using YouTube links (more visible, the still image gives you a clearer idea of what it is, etc.)

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    • Thanks for the response Andrew!

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    • A FANDOM user
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