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A native of Atlanta, Thom Stanley trained with the Henson company around the time of the early-90's proposed Disney merger, studying under Kevin Clash and Steve Whitmire. He later served as resident Right Hand Man during the filming of Muppets from Space, choreographing arm movements and performing the right arms of most of the main characters, live-hand and rod puppets alike.

Thom graduated with BFA in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has been involved in artistic pursuits throughout his life. Thom's first paid project involving puppetry was a video for the United Way, which he worked on with fellow Atlantan Peter Linz. Thom has been puppeteering since he was about 8, when his father built him a puppet stage, complete with working curtains, that Thom used to put on shows for the neighborhood kids.

He's currently a producer at Cartoon Network in Atlanta and has even been known to puppeteer for Turner advertising projects. He has also put together an impressive array of themed costumes for Atlanta's Dragon*Con, and in 2004 appeared on stage as Dr. Teeth of The Electric Mayhem.


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