The Word of the Day was a recurring segment on Galli Galli Sim Sim. Elmo teaches a new word in each episode, in an exciting and unique way.[1] This segment was similar to the Sesame Street recurring segment "The Word of the Day", but with visuals suggesting the look of "Elmo's World".


Picture Word First Appearance Description
Earthquake   Elmo felt everything under the ground shaking. He turns on the TV and Chamki appears to explain to Elmo that it is an earthquake. Then she explains how Elmo can protect himself.
Important   Elmo explains the meaning of the word, important, and plays on a game show similar to Beat the Time hosted by Akshar Kumar. Elmo has to tell Akshar Kumar about three important things that he does every morning to be fit and healthy before the hand goes around the clock.
Booster Shot   Elmo explains the meaning of the word, teeka, and turns into a superhero riding on a booster shot getting rid of viruses around the city. He later meets Chamki, who is also a superhero and helps Elmo get rid of the viruses.
Healthy   Elmo explains the meaning of the word, healthy, and shows how to be healthy. Chamki says that drinking milk and eating good food can make you healthy. Akshar Kumar says that exercising can make you healthy as well.


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