Written by Christopher Cerf
Date 1988
Publisher Splotched Animal Music Co.
EKA Episode 2594
Sesame Street The Word is No01:54

Sesame Street The Word is No

Maria, Gina and the Muppets sing "The Word is "No"."

"The Word is "No"" is a song on Sesame Street about the word "no". A music video of the song, performed by Maria and Gina, was featured on the show with appearances by Big Bird, Grover, Prairie Dawn, Bert, Ernie, Hoots the Owl, Count von Count, Meryl Sheep, and Elmo.

The video for "The Word is 'No'" was directed by Laura Di Trapani and produced by noted music video producer Jim Blashfield. DiTrapani also directed another frequently-shown music video produced by Blashfield for Sesame Street, "Monster in the Mirror." The music was arranged by Paul Jacobs.




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