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The most prominent denizens of Id, from left: Wiz, the Spook, and the King

The Wizard of Id is a comic strip created by Brant Parker and Johnny Hart in 1964.

In March 1969, Jim Henson shot a short pilot presentaion with puppets built by Don Sahlin. It featured the Wizard, the King, and the Spook, based on designs from the comic strip.

The pilot features a painted castle set against a plain backdrop, as the King discusses Id, before being confronted by the Wizard, who uttering his trademark spell, causes him to explode. The Wizard then explains, "It's a standard Muppet finale. If you don't know how to end it, go out with a --," at which point he too explodes in a puff of smoke. Then all three characters return to dance and bow to a fanfare, with the Spook making a particularly hammy exit.

At the 2003 "Muppet Rarities" event at The Paley Center for Media, Craig Shemin cited this as the earliest known occasion when Jim Henson created puppets based on pre-existing characters and designs.

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