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An animated typewriter with eyes and arms, and mobile wheels appeared on Sesame Street beginning in Season 6. The Typewriter would demonstrate letters by typing out the letter, and a word beginning with it, on himself. He often fumbled, which frustrated him. The Typewriter's most notable dialogue, apart from announcing the letter and the word, was his trademark "Noo-nee-noo-nee-noo" sounds. Twenty-six shorts were produced, one for each letter of the alphabet, and continued to appear on Sesame Street as late as Season 35.

The typewriter segments were animated by Jeff Hale for Imagination Inc. [1]

In 2007, new Typewriter shorts were produced for the Old School: Volume 2 DVD set. Joey Mazzarino provided the character's voice for these segments.


Picture Letter Earliest Known Appearance Description
A - Airplane Episode 0965 The Typewriter's experiment in flight.
B - Ball Episode 1090 An encounter with a giant ball.
C - Cat Episode 2313 The Typewriter encounters a large cat, which he reduces in size by typing "little cat," and scaring it off with a "WOOF-WOOF!"
D - Daisy Episode 1706 A giant daisy grows beneath the Typewriter.
E - Ear Episode 1446 The Typewriter and a giant Ear.
F - Fly Episode 0812 Not the insect, but rather, the Typewriter again soars into the air.
G - Glue Episode 0852 The Typewriter gets stuck on a spot of glue.
H - Hand Episode 0836 The Typewriter encounters a giant hand.
I - Ink Episode 1261 The Typewriter runs out of fluid.
J - Jump Episode 1957 The Typewriter types J for Jump, then jumps after a frog.
K - Key Episode 0913 The Typewriter unlocks a passage.
L - Lion Episode 3038 The Typewriter encounters another "large" feline.
M - Magic Episode 3079 The Typewriter performs a few tricks.
N- Nose Episode 1092 More fun with body parts.
O - Owl The Typewriter is always a hoot.
Typewriter P
P - Pencil Episode 0796 The Typewriter tries another writing implement.
Q - Quiet Episode 0871 The Typewriter seeks silence.
R- Rope Episode 1800 The Typewriter plays jumprope.
S - Spring Episode 0886 The Typewriter has a loose spring.
T - Train Episode 1046 The Typewriter and an electric train.
U - Umbrella Episode 0891 The Typewriter traps himself in an umbrella.
V - Vacuum Episode 0952 The Typewriter deals with a cleaning implement.
W - Wall Episode 1710 The Typewriter hits a barrier.
X - X-Ray Episode 3486 The Typewriter gets a check-up.
Y - Yo-yo Episode 1858 The Typewriter knocks himself for a loop.
Z - Zoo Episode 0915 The Typewriter and wildlife.

Old School: Volume 2


The typewriter later appeared in special openings and closings that appear in Old School: Volume 2 (now voiced by Joey Mazzarino). These new segments were made by Wachtenheim/Marianetti, who also produced several TV Funhouse cartoons for Saturday Night Live.

Introduction: The typewriter sees a computer which says that the episodes included are meant for adults and may not meet today's educational needs. He unplugs the computer, and types "Old School."
Closing: The typewriter plays Pong on his computer.
Introduction: The typewriter types "hair" and grows hair all over his body.
Closing: The typewriter changes the word to "haircut."
Introduction: The typewriter types "s—suit" and gets a big suit.
Closing: The typewriter now types "suitcase."
Introduction: The typewriter types "macho," and a muscular man appears.
Closing: The typewriter changes "macho" to "nacho."
Introduction: The typewriter types "disco."
Closing: The typewriter now types "disco ball."


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