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The T. Matthew Fraggle Room


The entrance way

The T. Matthew Fraggle Room is a special cavern, located just beneath the main caves of Fraggle Rock. The cavern consists of a maze-like collection of passage ways, each marked by an arch. When touched, the arches transport a traveler to a distant place with a gust of wind and light. Most of the arches lead to different places in Outer Space. One particular arch leads to a completely different dimension, the land of golden apples, guarded by the Blue Dragon.

The cavern was discovered by Uncle Traveling Matt in "Uncle Matt's Discovery", and soon becomes a favored alternative entrance to and from Fraggle Rock. Uncle Matt names the room after himself (a fact revealed in "Red's Blue Dragon"), and constructs an entrance way, consisting of a Fraggle scarecrow, which when rotated, opens a trapdoor which leads to the cavern below.

Some of the areas the arches allows anyone to visit include.

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