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The pigs take over the theater in The Muppet Show with Cloris Leachman, kidnapping and replacing all of the non-pigs.

Character Impersonates Description

Performer: Dave Goelz

Kermit the Frog Kermit the Pig is a green pig with features similar to Kermit the Frog's, including a collar and ping pong ball eyes. Kermit the Pig takes over as the show's MC, and claims to be a frog. When guest star Cloris Leachman doesn't believe him, he ribbits for her convincingly. His cheer of "Aaaahhh!" is a knockoff of Kermit's "Yaaaay!"

Performer: unknown

Sweetums A pig named Sweetums replaced Sweetums. The puppet was recycled from the Ballerina Pig (albeit dressed in furs).

Performer: Jerry Nelson

Fozzie Bear Fozzie Pig (also refered to as "Fozzie the Pig" by Gonzo) is a pig with a porkpie hat and a pink, polka-dotted bow-tie. The pig replaces Fozzie Bear as the show's comedian. In contrast with Fozzie Bear's signature catchphrase, "Wocka wocka," Fozzie Pig says "hogga hogga."

Performer: Frank Oz

The Swedish Chef A pig chef replaced the Swedish Chef in a skit where he prepared popcorn. In contrast with Swedish Chef's signature catchphrase, "bork, bork," the pig chef says "oink, oink."

The Swedish Chef returned the favor by impersonating a pig in Muppet Treasure Island.


Performer: Richard Hunt

Dr. Bob Doctor Pig replaces Doctor Bob in the Veterinarian's Hospital sketch. Dubbed the "Vegetarian's Hospital," he was assisted by Nurse Piggy and another pig.

Performer: Louise Gold

Nurse Janice A blonde pig replaced Nurse Janice in the Veterinarian's Hospital sketch, re-named "Vegetarian's Hospital".

Performer: Jim Henson

The Newsman A pig replaces the Newsman in a Muppet News Flash sketch. In his report, he mentions a Dr. Bunsen Honeypig, who was said to have successfully converted a sow's ear into a silk purse and became the object of a massive civil and criminal suit by the wife of Vincent van Gogh Pig.

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