Shalom Sesame
Air date August 23, 2011
Sponsors Shin, Resh, 1
Shalom 10

Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Abigail informs the viewer that today is Rosh Hashanah. Shoshana brings out some honey and apple slices, a tradition of the holiday. As Avigail eats one, Brosh shows off his new shofar. He wants to make a sound loud enough to be heard from Mount Sinai, but has trouble making any noise. Shoshana brings him into the cafe to wet his whistle and he asks Avigail to look after the shofar.
SCENE 1 cont'd Avigail picks up the shofar and wishes to try, but believes she should ask Brosh first. However, because of the honey stuck to her fur, she's unable to remove the shofar from her hand.
Animation The Hebrew month of Tishre
Film Gali, a six-year old Israeli girl, describes what her family does to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.
Cartoon Words that begin with shin
Muppets "Pre-School Musical:" in a parody of High School Musical, students at a pre-school learn to take turns. (on-screen text removed)
Cartoon A man collects the many apples that fall from the trees.
Film Kids describe their Rosh Hashanan traditions.
SCENE 2 Aivgail is still stuck, when Grover happens by. He attempts to pull her free from the sticky shofar, but ends up getting himself stuck to it as well. Avigail hears Brosh calling her and hides, dragging Grover along with her.
Muppets The Number of the Day: 1
After practicing a few times, The Count hits an organ key, and the number is one. One elephant appears.
Animation Kids count 1 of various things
Film A brief montage of items associated with Rosh Hashanah
Cartoon Words that begin with resh
SCENE 3 Avigail and Grover successfully hide from Brosh as he exits the cafe, but when Shoshana finds them, Avigail comes clean. She apologizes to Brosh, who is upset at first, but forgives her. Shoshana brings them inside to wash the shofar.
Celebrity Ann Curry apologizes for not knowing how to explain what an apology is.
Film Two brothers accidentally break their mother's new garden statue.
SCENE 4 With the monsters freed from the shofar, Brosh is ready to give it a blow. He rattles all his friends with an extremely loud note.
Muppets Rosh Hashanah Hannah sings about the holiday.
Film Scenes of people attending a Temple service
Film Kids talk about Yom Kippur.
Muppets / Film Postcard from Grover
Grover talks about the port city of Jaffa.
Closing The sponsors are announced.

DVD Bonus

  • Sing-A-Long: Rosh Hashanah Hannah
  • Grover's Video Player: "The King and The Bee"

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