Produced by: Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Release Date: 2005
Discs: 1
Region: 2

The Songs of Playhouse Disney is a collection of songs from shows that aired on Playhouse Disney in the UK released in September 2005. Some of the songs on this DVD comes from Bear in the Big Blue House and the British version of Play With Me Sesame. The DVD comes with a CD of the same track listing as the DVD's.

Track listing

  1. Come In To Playhouse Disney - Dave and Alex
  2. Welcome to the Blue House - Bear in the Big Blue House
  3. Smellorama - Bear in the Big Blue House
  4. Everyone Knows He's Winnie The Pooh - The Book Of Pooh
  5. Find The X - The Book Of Pooh
  6. JoJo's Circus Theme Song - JoJo's Circus
  7. Rum Tum Tum - JoJo's Circus
  8. Never Smile at a Crocodile - Peter Pan - Music Time
  9. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah - Song of the South - Music Time
  10. The Bare Necessities - Jungle Cubs
  11. That's My Name - Bear in the Big Blue House
  12. The Bear Cha Cha Cha - Bear in the Big Blue House
  13. Rolie Polie Olie (Theme Song) - Rolie Polie Olie
  14. The Twirl - Rolie Polie Olie
  15. Morning Jive - Playhouse Disney
  16. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Mary Poppins - Music Time
  17. I Wanna Be Like You - The Jungle Book - Music Time
  18. We're Doing It Together - Play With Me Sesame
  19. Main Title Theme - Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
  20. Fat Cat Stomp - Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
  21. The Stretching Song - JoJo's Circus
  22. Walk Like an Elephant - JoJo's Circus
  23. Take Your Sweet Sweet Time - Jungle Cubs
  24. When We Find Our Treasure - Jungle Cubs
  25. Totally Chocolate Dinner - Rolie Polie Olie
  26. Here In Higglytown - Higglytown Heroes
  27. Gummi Bears Theme Song - Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears
  28. The Rough Tough Burly Sailor Song - Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears
  29. Mental Altitude - The Book of Pooh
  30. Who Is Me - The Book of Pooh
  31. The Best of Everything - Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
  32. Look At You Now - Bear in the Big Blue House
  33. We're All Different - Bear in the Big Blue House
  34. Sing Me A Story - Sing Me a Story with Belle
  35. Hello - PJ's Bedtime
  36. Pyjama - PJ's Bedtime
  37. Squeeky Clean - PJ's Bedtime
  38. Yawning/Lullaby Song - PJ's Bedtime
  39. See You Soon Inside Playhouse Disney - Dave and Alex

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