The Snuffleupagus Fairy appeared in a story called "The Sock-maker and the Snuffle-upagus", first published in The Sesame Street ABC Storybook. The Snuffleupagus Fairy comes to the homes of sock makers late at night and makes socks for them. Big Bird meets the Snuffleupagus Fairy when a sock maker sleeps, and the fairy both made enough socks for the sock maker to give the townspeople and a mess in the sock makers workshop.

When the Sock Maker wakes up, Big Bird asks The Snuffleupagus Fairy to stay so that the Sock Maker can meet him, but he tells Big Bird that Snuffleupagus Fairies don't stay to be thanked, and quickly disappears before the Sock Maker shows up.

Unlike other Snuffleupaguses, The Snuffleupagus Fairy walks on his hind legs.

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